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limelight / центр внимания, друммондов свет, свет рампы
имя существительное
центр внимания
center of attention, spotlight, limelight, center of attraction, hub, cynosure
друммондов свет
свет рампы
ярко освещать
highlight, limelight
привлекать внимание
capture the attention, catch, come into notice, invite attention, limelight, bring up
имя существительное
intense white light obtained by heating a cylinder of lime, formerly used in theaters.
Sometimes people in the public limelight after a few marriages go off and get married.
Surely the film crews are more deserving of the limelight with their technological expertise and patience with the stars.
But there is no easy exit from the public limelight for Cullen, now the transport minister.
I think there is a window of opportunity while the issue is still in the limelight .
the shock win has thrust him into the limelight
Horton was a national hero who had pushed into the limelight the Submarine Service and gained media attention.
The cases he has taken on and won have propelled him into the public limelight .
The oldies hog the limelight , leaving the modern beauties crying for attention.
Fashion has turned the clock back to the Eighties, bringing gold, sequins and bold patterns back into the limelight .
He admits that he is quite the showman and that he now has to vent his love of the limelight in public speaking engagements.