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lime / известь, лайм, известка
имя существительное
lime, chalk, calx
имя прилагательное
lime, calcareous, limy, calcic, chalky
lime, phony, faked, phoney
lime, calcify, calcine
удобрять известью
chalk, lime
намазывать птичьим клеем
имя существительное
a white caustic alkaline substance consisting of calcium oxide, obtained by heating limestone.
By pressing a button on the bottom, water mixes with quicklime , producing a chemical reaction that heats the coffee.
a rounded citrus fruit similar to a lemon but greener, smaller, and with a distinctive acid flavor.
Surprisingly complex for one so young, delivering flavours of spice, limes , lemons, orange peel and oatmeal, all harmoniously threaded with ripe acidity.
the evergreen citrus tree that produces the lime, widely cultivated in warm climates.
In the same way, every small home in the Caribbean has always kept some vegetables and a fruit tree (usually a lime , but also other citrus).
a bright light green color like that of a lime.
day-glo orange, pink, or lime green
treat (soil or water) with lime to reduce acidity and improve fertility or oxygen levels.
Soil is limed in some areas to improve barley growth and productivity on acid soils, but this practice is often economically unfeasible.
catch (a bird) with birdlime.
The gardens which surround the property include beech, lime and holm oak trees while in the eastern corner is an ancient churchyard.
Weigh shovelsful of lime and cement separately so you can calculate approximate water needs for your mix.
lime juice
Use lime , if needed, to adjust soil pH and raise calcium levels.
It came on a correctly pre-warmed plate with a baked potato, a selection of steamed vegetables, half a lime and a pepper grinder - no need to ask!
Some willow trees will be lost by the development but trees like hornbeam, lime and birch will remain with preservation orders on them.
At the French army's tricolour-splashed Foyer du Soldat, we see the resurrection of cooling lime plaster cremated under cement.
The pH can be adjusted by adding hydrated lime or caustic soda.
The durability of the soil - lime specimens was also similarly affected.
Using trees such as lime , ash, sycamore and chestnut results in a imposing display which is far superior to what smaller garden trees produce.