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limbo / лимб, пребывание в забвении, преддверие Ада
имя существительное
limbo, limb, dial, radius
пребывание в забвении
преддверие Ада
limbo, custody, durance, immurement
conclusion, imprisonment, custody, closing, inference, limbo
имя существительное
(in some Christian beliefs) the supposed abode of the souls of unbaptized infants, and of the just who died before Christ's coming.
She wore a black bonnet to match her dress and gloves; to Jeremiah she looked like an engraving he'd once seen of a restless soul in limbo .
an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition.
the fate of the Contras is now in limbo
a West Indian dance in which the dancer bends backward to pass under a horizontal bar that is progressively lowered to a position just above the ground.
Play limbo , dance barefoot and swim like a tropical fish.
perform the limbo.
While listening to calypso music, many of those being entertained like to dance the limbo , a dance very popular among Grenadian Americans.
the fate of the Contras is now in limbo
Your money will be in limbo until the end of the year.
Is their investigation and resolution to be left in limbo ?
Oxfam Ireland, calling for talks on farming subsidies to resume as early as possible, said developing nations will be in limbo until a date for further negotiations is set.
I suffered for eight months in limbo whilst awaiting the Crown Prosecution Service decision.
As a result, nominees have been left in limbo , courthouses sit empty, justice is delayed, political rhetoric has escalated and political civility has suffered.
In time, argues Winnicott, the transitional object is relegated to limbo , neither mourned nor forgotten, just losing its meaning.
The government could have been left in limbo for weeks in conditions where the IMF, the World Bank and business leaders are demanding immediate action to try to pull the economy out of a deep recession.
The inquiry is in limbo because of the decision of the court today.
The 1950s recordings have been in limbo until recently, boasting neither modern sound nor superlative sentimental value.