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lily-white / белый расист
имя существительное
белый расист
имя прилагательное
белый как лилия
snowy, niveous, snow-white, lily-white
имя прилагательное
pure or ideally white.
The girl was soft, lily-white , as pure and chaste as they came.
They don't need the lily-white walls of galleries and museums, nor would their visual impact be significantly diminished by less chastely hospitable settings.
She was clad in a gown of flowing lily-white silk.
Then they convince themselves they are the most righteous, lily-white citizens God ever created.
Strangely, Doyle lost sight of the ground ball in the background of Bench's lily-white uniform.
The piano and guitars are excellent and lead singer Adam Levine has an impressive range and a decent amount of soulful emotion trembling from his lily-white throat.
Tears streamed down her lily-white cheeks, enflamed by her heated temper.
With your sandy locks in shapes that no sand would ever dare be molded into, and your lily-white skin, that blinds my eyes with its radiating light.
She drew her blue denim jeans down, revealing her lily-white legs.
He couldn't count the amount of times he had envied those slim hands of hers, with their lily-white grace.
They also do all of the caddieing and, wearing lily-white gloves and a business suit, a female assistant is refilling the glasses of persimmon, which tastes like shellac.