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lilt / веселая
имя прилагательное
lilt, buxom
имя существительное
ритм песни или стиха
веселая песенка
живая песенка
петь весело и ритмично
петь живо
делать весело
имя существительное
a characteristic rising and falling of the voice when speaking; a pleasant gentle accent.
he spoke with a faint but recognizable Irish lilt
speak, sing, or sound with a lilt.
a lilting Welsh accent
His clothes were well-made but worn, and there was a lilt in his voice that seemed to keep my attention.
Each group faithfully captures the swinging lilt of Ory's bands, his sense of dynamics, and the essence of his robust trombone tones.
Only the unmistakable lilt of his mid-European accent gives a clue to his unsettled past.
Many of the songs by French artists come with a Latin lilt and tracks from Haiti and Mauritius bring in new instruments and warmer rhythms.
She recalled to mind the soft lilt in his voice as he reassured her of how beautiful and talented she was.
There's a lilt in his voice that was missing some time back.
For instance, the last two tracks, ‘Koukou’ and ‘Here’, share an almost Caribbean lilt .
The lilt in James' voice gives away his Cape Breton roots, but the barbs in his material are clearly Canadian.
He comments that when in America he is seen as being Irish, but when in Ireland, because of the slight lilt in his accent, he is taken as being American.
It has a lilt , like gentle waves washing ashore.