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lilac / сирень
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of a pale pinkish-violet color.
Not only that, but each June they put on a spectacular show as they burst into misty pale lilac bloom.
имя существительное
a Eurasian shrub or small tree of the olive family, that has fragrant violet, pink, or white blossoms and is widely cultivated as an ornamental.
A very popular flowering shrub, lilacs serve many purposes in gardens.
Some are white, many in hues of lavender and lilac , pale mauves and deep purples, and a host of other colors.
The pale lilac floor was stained here and there with burns from the barrels and wetted elsewhere with ice from the tanks.
Next to it was a huge canopy bed with rich purple covers and lilac pillowcases.
With lovely chiffon dresses in colours like lime, lilac , rose, and lemon yellow you can indulge yourself.
His eyes were pale lilac , coloured contacts she mused, and they seemed to sparkle in the light like jewels.
They carried hand-tied bouquets of cream roses, lilac freesias, purple lysianthus and silvered bear grass.
Fresh and fruity colours abound: pink, turquoise, lime green, yellow, rose and lilac are complemented with soft tones of white and beige, and very pale pastels.
Several clouds had blanketed themselves out across the hills and mountains in the distance, dark lilac over darker purple.
He even went so far as to design colour co-ordinated lilac outfits for the servants.
a lilac cardigan