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likely / вероятно
likely, probably, apparently, most likely, very likely, doubtless
имя прилагательное
likely, probable, possible, credible, plausible, feasible
possible, feasible, eventual, potential, probable, likely
suitable, appropriate, right, suited, fitting, likely
имя прилагательное
such as well might happen or be true; probable.
the likely effects of the drought on sugar beet yields
apparently suitable; promising.
a likely-looking spot
we will most likely go to a bar
It is likely that there are other chaperones that function in a similar manner.
Most of the rest is likely to be in bonds and gilts with cash and property making up the balance.
Would it just have been more likely to have happened for some reason in this area?
It is likely that the coverage achieved in other surveillance systems is similar or lower.
It was my room, and the most likely reason he had stopped was that it was a bit of mess.
In that event it is likely that our own government will commit British troops in support.
One reason for Essex's likely limitation on imported labour is the high cost of housing.
The case for affirmative action in Bermuda has likely been set back by years.
If the legs move at each strain it is likely that the cow will calve without too much trouble.
In the event of a pandemic, it is likely that only infected people will be given the antivirals.