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likelihood / вероятность, многообещающая будущность
имя существительное
probability, likelihood, chance, possibility, credibility, likeliness
многообещающая будущность
имя существительное
the state or fact of something's being likely; probability.
young people who can see no likelihood of finding employment
The question whether the degree of similarity leads to a likelihood of confusion is a question of fact.
Clear allocation of risk may reduce the likelihood of litigation or arbitration.
The likelihood of this increases when emotional or physical stress are present.
young people who can see no likelihood of finding employment
The trial judge did not consider the factor of the likelihood of danger arising soon.
We need to accept that there is always the chance of failure and the likelihood of flaws.
The reduction in mortality is set against the increased likelihood of intervention.
Boys who only experimented with vice did not increase their likelihood of depression.
Indeed there seems to be equal likelihood that extra life is lost as it is gained.
We believe, however, that waging a war will only make the likelihood of retaliation greater.