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like-minded / одинаково мыслящий, придерживающийся тех же убеждений, согласный
имя прилагательное
одинаково мыслящий
придерживающийся тех же убеждений
consonant, harmonious, concordant, consonantal, agreeable, like-minded
имя прилагательное
having similar tastes or opinions.
a small group of like-minded friends
He loved to chat about agriculture matters and enjoyed the company of like-minded people.
Chatrooms are effectively meeting places that both children and adults use to meet like-minded people.
It also gives the players the chance to meet other like-minded young people and aims to get them formal football qualifications.
Groups of like-minded people gathering to drink beer and debate the great issues of the day are nothing new.
Blogging is the medium that lets us communicate with like-minded people.
Their interests are used to help define themselves and engage in social scenes with like-minded people.
David is quick to add that he is just one in a team of dedicated, like-minded people from his village who support Housing for Humanity.
Nice to see some like-minded musicians getting together to bring some great music to a wider audience.
Having spoken to people about it the general consensus is that it is a good way to meet other like-minded people.
It was so nice to be amongst like-minded people in a positive atmosphere for the week.