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lighthouse / маяк, световой маяк
имя существительное
lighthouse, beacon, pharos, screed, seamark
световой маяк
имя существительное
a tower or other structure containing a beacon light to warn or guide ships at sea.
A listing of lighthouses in the National Park System can be found at the NPS Maritime Parks page.
And because of dangerous sailing conditions and flat coastline in the region, the construction of a lighthouse was necessary.
Old military buildings can be found near the lighthouse , remnants of the site's military importance during World War II.
In the years since then, the Park Service has continued to keep the old lighthouse in operating condition in case its unromantic replacement ever breaks down.
In 1995 an embarrassing conversation between a lighthouse and an aircraft carrier was recorded by the Chief of Naval Operations, the transcript of which leaked out to the general public.
Boarding up the lighthouse , he moved his family and belongings into a new light station at the bottom of the hill.
The students will work in cooperative groups to identify different characteristics and facts concerning lighthouses and their history.
Our lighthouses are as diverse as our towns.
There are also many lighthouses on Lake Superior and Lake Michigan that you can easily see from your car but they are not open to the public.
I do not have an official listing of lighthouses in Newfoundland, but I have compiled a list of 37 of them.
Today you can marvel in their beauty at the eleven state lighthouses open to the public.