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lighter / зажигалка, лихтер, осветитель
имя существительное
lighter, cigarette lighter, cigar-lighter
lighter, punt
illuminator, lighter
easier, lighter
имя прилагательное
более светлый
перевозить лихтером
имя существительное
a device that produces a small flame, typically used to light cigarettes.
Open flames, cigarettes, matches, lighters , pilot lights, or electric sparks can cause the chemicals in the paint strippers to suddenly catch fire.
a flat-bottomed barge or other unpowered boat used to transfer cargo to and from ships in harbor.
In watercraft delivery, cases of MREs are loaded onto lighters , flat-bottomed boats, or barges and transported from port to port.
transport (goods) in a lighter.
they lightered their cargo ashore
имя прилагательное
having a considerable or sufficient amount of natural light; not dark.
the bedrooms are light and airy
(of a color) pale.
her eyes were light blue
of little weight; easy to lift.
they are very light and portable
relatively low in density, amount, or intensity.
passenger traffic was light
gentle or delicate.
she planted a light kiss on his cheek
It is believed a flame from a cigarette lighter ignited oxygen at the man's bedside.
Then gently warm the metal sleeve with a small flame from a cigarette lighter and pull the ring off using a pair of pliers.
At first he was completely against the device, which is powered by the car battery and plugs into the cigarette lighter .
he lit a cigarette with his gold lighter
Before the docks were built lightermen ferried goods from ships in midstream to the river quays.
Fire investigators, who found two cigarette lighters and matches in Alistair's bedroom, believe he probably set fire to clothing and the flames soon spread to bedding and bunk beds.
Such lighters , usually flat-bottomed barges, were used in lightening or loading and unloading vessels that could not be wharfed, or where harbour facilities were underdeveloped or too small.
Besides the various tobacco products, all sorts of implements from tobacco pipes, lighters and ashtray to tobacco cases and machines can be found in this diverse and impressive collection.
Did you ever wonder why tweezers were confiscated at security checkpoints, but matches and cigarette lighters - actual combustible materials - were not?
In watercraft delivery, cases of MREs are loaded onto lighters , flat-bottomed boats, or barges and transported from port to port.