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lift / лифт, подъемник, подъем
имя существительное
elevator, lift, hoist
lift, elevator, hoist, ram, jack
rise, lifting, lift, climb, ascent, up
lift, raise, up, pick up, put up, bring up
lift, rise, climb, raise, get up, up
elevate, exalt, lift, upraise, sublimate, rear
имя прилагательное
lifting, lift, elevating, ascensional
имя существительное
an act of lifting.
weightlifters attempting a particularly heavy lift
a free ride in another person's vehicle.
Miss Green is giving me a lift back to school
a feeling of encouragement or increased cheerfulness.
winning this game has given everyone on the team a lift
raise to a higher position or level.
he lifted his trophy over his head
pick up and move to a different position.
he lifted her down from the pony's back
raise (a person's spirits or confidence); encourage or cheer.
we heard inspiring talks that lifted our spirits
formally remove or end (a legal restriction, decision, or ban).
the European Community lifted its oil embargo against South Africa
steal (something, especially a minor item of property).
the shirt she had lifted from a supermarket
This helps increase lift , which is what you need at this point.
the company has already produced a 10 per cent lift in profits
Instead, let's lift our eyes and see how wide the American horizon has become.
If there is a winner it will give this team a big impetus and a massive lift going into the final four games.
When the mood does lift , it does nothing to tarnish the wistful sadness of the record.
Bright colors lift spirits, so give the black in your wardrobe a rest for the next two months.
I thought my mood would miraculously lift once I didn't have to deal with hate mail and evil comments.
Packed shopping centres are heaving with pickpockets, who lift thousands of credit cards a day at this time of year.
Beef prices are not strong enough to encourage suppliers to want to sell, and some are considering letting cattle out to grass in the hope of a lift in beef prices in April.
We all have stories about fellow pilots who gave us a lift when our airplanes were being stubborn, loaned us a car when we needed a ride or even taken us home to wait out the weather.