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lifetime / продолжительность жизни, целая жизнь
имя существительное
продолжительность жизни
life, lifespan, lifetime
целая жизнь
имя существительное
the duration of a person's life.
a reward for a lifetime's work
Some healthcare providers indicate that they will archive medical records for a person's lifetime plus seven years.
five weeks was a lifetime, and anything could have happened
She gave a lifetime of service to the nursing profession and her community.
Detention without any charges and without any court review can last an entire lifetime .
Both authors combine a lifetime of clinical experience with a keen interest in research methodology.
a plan to extend the lifetime of satellites
It took a lifetime for the elevator doors to open on my floor, and it took another lifetime to walk to my apartment door.
Facing greater competition, employers have eliminated lifetime employment guarantees to managers and professionals and reduced salaries.
They destroyed a lifetime 's work and thousands of pounds worth of gardening equipment.
Binding of phenol to one site extends the lifetime of the other two in the trimer.