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lifestyle / стиль жизни
имя существительное
стиль жизни
имя существительное
the way in which a person or group lives.
the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
Family physicians need to be more effective at helping patients adopt healthy lifestyle habits.
Each is part of the booming sex lifestyle sector and each is led by at least two women in their early thirties.
More surreal still, they are so in demand that lifestyle television can barely contain them.
It certainly has a lot to do with a new generation of lifestyle television programming.
Your future holds the trappings of a rock 'n' roll superstar lifestyle .
And he was almost as famous for his playboy lifestyle as his driving skills.
One segment that has blossomed in the golf boom is the so-called lifestyle golf magazine.
the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
you'd need a lifestyle change
But how could a hunter-gatherer lifestyle feed the 20 million-strong population of Australia?