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lifelong / пожизненный, жизненный, продолжающийся всю жизнь
имя прилагательное
life, lifelong, perpetual
vital, live, lifelong, biotic, instinct
продолжающийся всю жизнь
имя прилагательное
lasting or remaining in a particular state throughout a person's life.
lifelong friends
Alf, as he was fondly known to family and friends, had a lifelong passion for sport.
The partner who is your soulmate is no longer enough, and nor is one lifelong best friend.
When most people go to university that's when they make their lifelong friends.
As well as changing his life, the programme has also given him some lifelong friends.
Thanks to my mother, a lifelong Democrat from the swing state of Ohio, I have dual citizenship.
He has had a lifelong interest and has written about a huge variety of sport down through the years.
Autism is a severe, lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder of social communication.
They were lifelong friends and Beerbohm gave the address at a memorial service to Sir William.
To be sure, Asif supports Manchester United and Shafiq is a lifelong Liverpool supporter.
In 1824 he taught the young Mendelssohn, of whom he became a close and lifelong friend.