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lifeline / дорога жизни, спасательный трос, спасательный леер
имя существительное
дорога жизни
спасательный трос
спасательный леер
имя существительное
a rope or line used for life-saving, typically one thrown to rescue someone in difficulties in water or one used by sailors to secure themselves to a boat.
After nearly half an hour they were spotted by the crew of a passing boat, and a lifeline was thrown to Rachel who was pulled aboard.
a thing on which someone or something depends or which provides a means of escape from a difficult situation.
fertility treatment can seem like a lifeline to childless couples
(in palmistry) a line on the palm of a person's hand, regarded as indicating how long they will live.
This is for Joyce, since I have been largely unable to determine the answer to her question about mysteriously getting a cut on the lifeline of your palm.
The Swindon and District branch of Headway, based at Victoria Hospital, provides a lifeline to Swindonians after they leave hospital.
This has upset many who argue pay phones are an essential local facility and a lifeline in times of emergency.
More than 80 pensioners use the service and see it as a lifeline to services in the region.
the telephone has always been a lifeline for Gabby and me
The tender operated or supervised the hand or kerosene-powered air pump and controlled the rope lifeline to his diver.
The online service will be a lifeline for rugby league fans across the country.
As numbers grow this service can be a lifeline to people initially unfamiliar with the Irish way of life.
And now, living in Toronto, it is the lifeline to my greatest love: the heartbreakingly beautiful city of Montreal.
The link service is a lifeline for people without transport who live in villages to the north and west of Chippenham.
There have been times in my life when it has been the lifeline keeping me afloat in a very chaotic world.