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lifelike / как живой, словно живой, очень похожий
имя прилагательное
как живой
lifelike, natural
словно живой
lifelike, breathing
очень похожий
lifelike, living, natural
lively, animatedly, vivaciously, merrily, sprightly, lifelike
имя прилагательное
very similar to the person or thing represented.
an etching of a lifelike horse
The paintings, done with a mixture of animal fat, ochre and blood, are of people and animals, about five inches tall and extremely lifelike .
He seems mostly to be running (he was one of the most hunted) and his curved horns are often detailed with lifelike ribbing.
If an android become too realistic and lifelike , suddenly people were repelled and disgusted.
The roses were carved to such lifelike details; the thorns seemed as if they could draw blood.
The characters aren't very lifelike and the game is beginning to drag.
Contrast is especially strong and colors are lifelike and natural looking.
The figures are always startlingly lifelike , yet never precisely to scale and always altered in some way.
Another act of remembrance was the commissioning of detailed, lifelike , and convincing portraits of their ancestors.
Walpole inaugurated the tradition in the hope that the lifelike solidity of realism might be reconciled with the imaginative range of romance.
The greens of the lawns and the grays of the stone walls were vivid and lifelike .