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lifeless / неживой, безжизненный, бездыханный
имя прилагательное
inanimate, lifeless, dead, unalive
lifeless, dead, inanimate, spiritless, flat, insipid
lifeless, breathless
имя прилагательное
dead or apparently dead.
his lifeless body was taken from the river
If a writer isn't careful, even the best biblical exegesis can render a parable lifeless .
There was a long pause as the two stared out over the grim and lifeless landscape.
She gazed in horror at the seemingly lifeless body of her dear friend on the floor.
The horse's hooves crashed into Danni and she fell lifeless to the ground.
She had large areas of deep grey under her eyes, which looked hollow, lifeless , dead.
I didn't move further, remaining as lifeless as if I was unconscious.
And I'm getting some highlights put in this lank, lifeless hair of mine on Friday, after dithering over the idea for at least two years.
The man who looked back at him was well-muscled and tall, but his eyes were tired and dull, his light brown hair flat and lifeless .
Generally dry hair is unmanageable, lifeless , dull, frizzy and/or flyaway.
The glass-green eyes still flared, but with a flat, lifeless expression.