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lifeblood / кровь, источник жизненной силы
имя существительное
blood, gore, lifeblood, claret, sap
источник жизненной силы
имя существительное
the blood, as being necessary to life.
Somehow, the sight of all her blood, all her lifeblood on that shirt disturbed her, as did the ragged hole below the ribs.
Quiet precision of thought and speech is individuality's prerequisite, its lifeblood , its hallmark.
Every day there are examples of unspeakable destruction, from the salmon to the redwoods - our lifeblood .
He said at the moment its lifeblood was not able to flow, adding ‘we see the park and ride scheme an absolutely crucial part of the healing’.
We've given ourselves carpal tunnel writing about how cars befoul the planet, and cars are the burbs' toxic lifeblood .
Each scale is cool as stone, but hot lifeblood flows underneath.
The lifeblood of democracy is the free exchange of ideas.
The real issue is not job numbers, but the decline in good jobs - the very lifeblood of America's middle class.
Lying on the ground in a pool of her own lifeblood was Chloe.
my family was the lifeblood of the church
In Mrezat, water is the lifeblood of the people.