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life-size / в натуральную величину
имя прилагательное
в натуральную величину
full-size, full-scale, life-sized, life-size, full-sized
имя существительное
натуральная величина
life, life-size
имя прилагательное
of the same size as the person or thing represented.
a life-size statue of a discus-thrower
When Bobby died in 1872 he was buried in the kirkyard beside his master and a life-size bronze statue was commissioned.
It emerged this week that funds for a life-size statue of the town's most famous son and his comedy partner to be built in the town centre have topped the half way mark.
They were joined by a life-size chewing gum model made from 2,450 pieces of gum found in a small area of Orchard Street, Preston.
At the far end of the courtyard, there's a life-size statue of Juliet.
a life-size sculpture of the writer is in the park
To create one of the large life-size animal statues, he needs about 100 kilograms of the fragrant plants.
In 1996 he revealed his laid-back attitude to his work after vandals smashed up a life-size model of a plane.
A youngster stands next to a life-sized statue of Pele at a museum in Rio de Janeiro last week.
In a park facing the river is the life-sized statue of a cloaked man gesticulating above a reclining female beauty.
In the latest transformation of the heart of urban Manchester the three life-sized models have been placed in the square to promote next year's Cow Parade.