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life-giving / живительный, животворный, восстанавливающий жизненные силы
имя прилагательное
crisp, life-giving
восстанавливающий жизненные силы
имя прилагательное
sustaining or revitalizing life.
the life-giving water of baptism
He knows that I thirst for adventure more than the life-giving water.
How can such preaching be as tangible as the taste of bread in our mouths, as life-giving as water on our foreheads?
Wine and life-giving waters were on equal footing in Egyptian culture, and they also shared a duality in both myth and in fact.
Saying that water is best among all food articles, he adds that pure water is life-giving and always helpful to human body.
And we are especially forgetful when it comes to whether and how we as a society might repay that vital and life-giving assistance.
All are programmed to make fairly random movements to start with, in response to the obstacles, rival robots and pools of life-giving light they detect.
This is where it would come in handy if life were like a video game and I could just power-up or find some bottles of life-giving potion under a tree.
An ‘impact winter’ would follow in which the Sun's life-giving light would be blotted out for years by the debris thrown up by the explosion.
On the contrary: genuine friendships cannot be based on a lie; they can thrive only on the life-giving soil of openness to one another.
Surely, by working together, we can harness its life-giving potential.