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lieutenant / лейтенант, старший лейтенант, заместитель
имя существительное
lieutenant, ensign, first lieutenant, luff
старший лейтенант
deputy, vice, alternate, substitute, proxy, lieutenant
In a separate incident, guerrillas killed a police lieutenant in the same city.
Joseph Tilly was a military man and became a lieutenant in the artillery.
The lieutenant stood up to face his superior without fear and without respect.
He served two tours as a lieutenant in the navy in Vietnam between December 1967 and April 1969, when he returned to the US with three Purple Hearts and a Silver Star.
Are the results as crisp and orderly as when the colonel commands the lieutenant ?
After a portentous prologue, the film shifts five years ahead, showing him in his new position as lieutenant in the citizen police force.
Although they had lost a loyal lieutenant , the battle was not over.
He has commanded in every rank from lieutenant to vice admiral, and has flown his flag in all three of the Navy's aircraft carriers.
The young lieutenant later became Lord Roberts and commander-in-chief of the Indian army.
While at William and Mary in 1776, Monroe was commissioned an infantry lieutenant in the 3rd Virginia Regiment.