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liege / сеньор, вассал, ленник
имя существительное
seignior, liege lord, liege
vassal, liege, retainer, liegeman, man
feoffee, liege
имя прилагательное
vassal, feudatory, liege
feudal, liege
имя прилагательное
concerned with or relating to the relationship between a feudal superior and a vassal.
an oath of fealty and liege homage
имя существительное
a feudal superior or sovereign.
Master, how is my liege lord the retired Emperor today?
имя существительное
a province of eastern Belgium. Formerly ruled by independent prince-bishops, it became a part of the Netherlands in 1815 and of Belgium in 1830.
We have searched as we could, my liege , but the northern lords object to our presence more strongly every day.
So, he decided to require each European lord to take an oath of liege homage to him upon their arrival.
The Scottish king submitted completely, offering liege homage and a 15,000 mark fine.
This concept lead in the 9th century to the concept of liege homage; that is, the one lord whom the vassal must obey even if it meant the harm of his other masters.
My liege , Lord Ivan may have, to some extent, the ability to read thoughts.
In 1334 Balliol had to pay the price, performing liege homage to Edward for his kingdom, and ceding much of southern Scotland to Edward III's direct rule.
At the Treaty of Paris in 1259 Henry III accepted that he held Aquitaine as a fief of the French crown and owed liege homage.
There was only one thing that it was truly concerned for and that was to kill and to destroy any individual that dared to come against his liege , the Dark Master.
I myself think that Americans should recognize the Queen as their rightful liege lord and rejoin the British Commonwealth!
He took Angevin power to its zenith and made himself overlord of Ireland with a campaign in 1171, gaining the loyalty of important Irish rulers and establishing Normans as his lieges in Leinster.