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lid / крышка, покрышка, веко
имя существительное
cap, cover, lid, case, hood, top
tire, lid, cover, overlay, covering, casing
eyelid, lid
имя существительное
a removable or hinged cover for the top of a container.
a large frying pan with a lid
I've got a lid for you to try on
Thus the upper lid covers the eye either partially or completely.
The removable lid of the two-chambered container supported the plant and was opaque.
After covering the containers with a lid , they were placed into a water bath at 40°C.
A cutting board - included with the unit - fits over the stainless steel lid to create a work space.
As a result, it does not need either a tonneau cover nor a roof lid .
I just stare at the can periodically, wondering what kind of unpleasantness lurks just under that lid .
a garbage can lid
He was large and bald and held a slightly dented trashcan lid .
She looked up at him while she closed the fuel tank lid .