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lick / лизать, облизывать, полизать
lick, eat, tongue
имя существительное
licking, lick
lick, deer lick, salt-lick
licking, lick
имя существительное
an act of licking something with the tongue.
Sammy gave his fingers a long lick
a light coating or quick application of something, especially paint.
all she'd need to do to the kitchen was give it a lick of paint
a short phrase or solo in jazz or popular music.
cool guitar licks
a smart blow.
his mother gave him several licks for daring to blaspheme
pass the tongue over (something), typically in order to taste, moisten, or clean it.
he licked the stamp and stuck it on the envelope
defeat (someone) comprehensively.
all right, Mary, I know when I'm licked
It's set in the corner of the stairwell, made of cheap and rather hollow-sounding wood, and could do with a lick of paint.
But the fat little guy was a detriment last season, tossing up too many bad shots and not playing a lick of defense.
Ceramic coals don't make a proper noise, for a start, and don't fall apart as the flames lick into them.
Plus, with its slightly sweet taste, pets will lick the floor or other surfaces.
there's not a lick of suspense in the entire plot
Michelle smiled at Adam, and Deanna felt a tiny lick of jealousy as he smiled back.
He doesn't give a lick about you and he'll never look your way again.
He toyed with receivers in ways that allowed quarterbacks to think he'd been beaten, only to come back, quicker than a snake lick , and steal the pass.
A small smile broke out across her face as the bunny gave her finger a quick lick , then snorted at her.
Mary saw the gun pointed straight at her and then saw the small lick of flame that came out of the barrel before actually hearing the shot.