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licit / законный, позволительный, не запрещенный
имя прилагательное
law, legitimate, legal, rightful, lawful, licit
permissible, remissible, justifiable, licit, allowable
не запрещенный
имя прилагательное
not forbidden; lawful.
licit and illicit drugs
In this, while the drug of choice differed, their patterns of consumption were not markedly different from commonly found ‘normal’ patterns of consumption of licit drugs such as alcohol.
Thus few priests by the 1920s were commending ‘periodic continence’ to their most troubled penitents, although it was licit for them to do so.
This points to the need of an authority capable of making the distinctions necessitated by the various circumstances that affect the description of an action as licit or illicit.
In 1924 a United States law banning licit diamorphine was passed, but this was often ignored by local authorities.
Observers wonder what is the difference between licit and illicit antiquities dealers, given how much of the material comes from sites.
What it provides, however, is a set of criteria by which a potential military action might be judged morally licit or illicit.
Among persons that continued to sustain arrests in Manhattan, both licit and illicit substance use tended to persist throughout mid-life.
The legislation introduces a number of provisions aimed to ensure that medicines are used safely and for licit purposes.
Our paper has conceptualized both the location of drug dealing and licit business establishments as outcomes of collective efficacy.
Moreover, one can raise no objection when a churchman expresses his concern regarding the material well-being of families and suggests that morally licit methods of improving it should be pursued.