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licensee / лицо, имеющее разрешение, лицо, имеющее патент
имя существительное
лицо, имеющее разрешение
лицо, имеющее патент
имя существительное
the holder of a license.
The plaintiff, who was on the defendant's land as a licensee , was injured by the negligent shunting of railway trucks.
In many cases the application of the rule raises the question whether the licensee has been guilty of contributory negligence.
Common fairness might well require that that should be done in the case of a licensee just as much as the case of a tenant.
There were only two situations in which the patentee or its licensee could obtain injunctive relief of the type being sought here.
If they have given a licensee a licence which cannot be revoked that does not prevent them from being liable under the contract for its breach.
Indeed it is difficult to discover even partial delegation of the licensee 's proprietary or managerial functions.
The Second Defendant is a United Kingdom subsidiary of the First Defendant and its licensee in the United Kingdom.
Accordingly, the occupier did not have exclusive possession of his room, and was a licensee and not a tenant.
The agreement was expressed to be a licence personal to the licensee .
Refunds for tickets associated with suites will be sent directly to the suite licensee and not to individual ticket stub holders.
This is the same principle as allows a licensee who is in de facto possession to evict a trespasser.