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license / лицензия, разрешение, патент
имя существительное
license, firman, excise, licence
resolution, permission, permit, authorization, solution, license
patent, license, patent right, licence
allow, authorize, resolve, permit, solve, license
выдавать лицензию
license, licence
давать разрешение
permit, allow, license, licence
имя существительное
a permit from an authority to own or use something, do a particular thing, or carry on a trade (especially in alcoholic beverages).
a gun license
grant a license to (someone or something) to permit the use of something or to allow an activity to take place.
brokers must be licensed to sell health-related insurance
The UK licensing authorities were slow to license it for the condition.
Apparently we needed to sign in front of an official so that our learner's license could be processed.
But that was me being short-sighted - soon, people starting asking if they could license the code for commercial use, or hire me.
Though their logos still appear on game boxes it is simply artistic license ; as independent entitles they have ceased to exist.
My feeling is that the writer has license to write his/her version of the truth, as it serves the work's intent, veracity, and aesthetic.
Besides, every cobweb in the room is not necessarily worth a five-paragraph description, even after you provide adequate flexibility towards artistic license .
Most will be manufactured under license from Russia.
And did you have to sort of take a bit of dramatic license with the facts?
The Museum has granted Art In Motion the official license to publish its ‘Rosenfeld Collection’
However, they cannot travel without strict permission and license from the King.