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licence / лицензия, разрешение, патент
имя существительное
license, firman, excise, licence
resolution, permission, permit, authorization, solution, license
patent, license, patent right, licence
debauchery, immorality, laxity, licentiousness, dissoluteness, license
dissoluteness, license, licence
allow, authorize, resolve, permit, solve, license
выдавать лицензию
license, licence
давать разрешение
permit, allow, license, licence
давать право
entitle, warrant, enable, license, licence
выдавать патент
license, licence
имя существительное
a permit from an authority to own or use something, do a particular thing, or carry on a trade (especially in alcoholic beverages).
a gun license
grant a license to (someone or something) to permit the use of something or to allow an activity to take place.
brokers must be licensed to sell health-related insurance
Teams are actually franchises that operate under licence from MLB.
a subsidiary company manufactured cranes under licence from a Norwegian firm
Nevertheless, the apparent mixture of fact and fantasy in this part of the composition underlines the fact that he may sometimes have indulged in artistic licence .
Phantom was a former pirate radio station, which had tried several times to get an official radio licence .
It is the official licence holder for the English, Scottish and German football associations and most of the Premiership and Nationwide League clubs.
artistic licence
Indeed, that was a wonderful exercise of licence , given the fact that the Act for hazardous substances came into force in July 2001.
In particular, the province's vaguely defined outcomes-based curriculum can be seen by teachers as licence to teach whatever they wish.
the government was criticized for giving the army too much licence
It accuses authorities of allowing dumps to operate without a licence, 20 years after agreeing to licence them.