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libya / Ливия
имя существительное
Libya, Libia
имя существительное
a country in North Africa, in the Sahara Desert, with a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea; population 6,324,400 (est. 2009); capital, Tripoli; official language, Arabic.
To us, and for the Libyans , it was the most historical mission ever.
Certainly in the times of the Egyptian pharaohs, slaves were taken from among all enemies that included Asians, Libyans , and Nubians.
the capital of Libya
‘Because we have a new relationship with Libya we are now able to discuss the issue of the medics when we meet with the Libyans ,’ he said.
There were reasons for all this attention, and it wasn't just sentimentality: in Roman times, the Libyans were key exporters of a different sort of oil, made from olives.
Apparently, modern Libyans think the same, because groups of young girls, families with small children and a few teenagers strolled back and forth, revelling in the place.