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libretto / либретто
имя существительное
libretto, wordbook, book
имя существительное
the text of an opera or other long vocal work.
Whether in opera libretti from Mozart to Verdi or in the wind and percussion sections of the modern orchestra, Western music has gathered elements of the Islamic world as if to strip them of their differences.
First, although it provides an Italian libretto , there are no translations of the sung text.
Yet, he can still knock out a great tune when the libretto demands it.
It is also a very good recording including a sumptuous libretto and extensive historical notes.
On the concerto disc is also a choral work with a libretto devised to show the cruelty of man to beast and bird.
The libretto contains an essay, a synopsis, and texts in English and transliterated Russian.
His right to do this in an opera libretto will be disputed by no one.
In making his libretto from the biblical text, he has boldly put that figure at the centre of his scheme.
An opera libretto is something we would like to do, but it is a matter of finding the time.
The libretto imports a number of Elizabethan lyrics which add to the overall lyrical quality of the work.
He wrote librettos , screenplays, book reviews, everything possible in the English language, and on top of all that he played the French horn.