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liberated / освобожденный, эмансипированный
имя прилагательное
liberated, released, freed, exempt, free, manumitted
emancipated, liberated
имя прилагательное
(of a person) showing freedom from social conventions or traditional ideas, especially with regard to sexual roles.
the modern image of the independent, liberated woman
(of a place or people) freed from imprisonment, slavery, or enemy occupation.
liberated areas of the country
set (someone) free from a situation, especially imprisonment or slavery, in which their liberty is severely restricted.
the serfs had been liberated
Just don't make the false assumption that we are more liberated than previous generations: we are as badly served by cultural conventions as ever.
It's a liberated zone, the only place where the cop won't treat you like trash.
In an ironic twist, the liberated modern couple seem awkward and anxious around each other, while the supposedly repressed Victorians pursue their passion with dangerous enthusiasm.
As mentioned above, in late April 1945, SAG members departed for Europe to inspect liberated enemy laboratories.
Back in France, de Gaulle simply appointed his own men to set up local administrations in liberated areas, bypassing the American plan for a military government of occupation.
That is to say, Linda is in and out of both cultures, believing in old-world traditions and embracing the new ideals of a liberated woman.
By her account she was now liberated and free to speak her mind, unlike certain other members on the opposite side.
Here's someone who's lived his whole life in a little town in Wales, and he's more liberated , inquisitive and at ease with the world than most people I know half his age.
While women remain liberated and autonomous in many respects, some - primarily those in families and middle-age - remain incapacitated.
Even if she's liberated and worldly, her parents are probably much more traditional.