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liberalize / делать либеральным, делаться либеральным, расширять кругозор
делать либеральным
делаться либеральным
расширять кругозор
liberalize, elevate mind
remove or loosen restrictions on (something, typically an economic or political system).
several agreements to liberalize trade were signed
If you would just liberalize your economies, we wouldn't have this problem.
Yushchenko is a pro-Western reformist who wants to liberalize the economy and fight corruption.
There is suspicion that the government is trying to meet demands of the International Monetary Fund, which are to liberalize the financial service sector in the widest sense possible.
Ominously, the party had also announced its intention to liberalize the sector.
Johnston predicts that Japan will be compelled to liberalize its strict immigration policies.
several agreements to liberalize trade were signed
He introduced many new reforms which attempted to modernize and liberalize the system rather than destroy it.
Even before the war, the movement to liberalize world trade further had stalled.
several agreements to liberalize trade were signed
Efforts to liberalize the economy and democratize the political system have led to corruption and exacerbated the gap in wealth between government officials and the citizens.