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libation / возлияние, выпивка
имя существительное
binge, booze, libation, wet, souse, jag
имя существительное
a drink poured out as an offering to a deity.
Possibly these cups were used in the performance of cult, such as feasting by the worshippers and offering of libations to the deities.
‘I call this libation the Lord Byron,’ he announces.
tequila is a favourite libation throughout the West
If permission is granted, the linguist offers a libation to the god by pouring several drops of alcohol onto the ground.
Later in the same night, on their return from their spying mission, he and Diomedes sit down to dine, drink, and pour a libation again.
they steadily worked their way through free food and the occasional libation
The libation is poured into the soil before her father's tomb as she speaks.
he poured the libation of rum on the ground
She holds a vessel in one hand and a cloth in another as she pours a libation before him.
Wine and beer were frequently offered, among many other foods and drinks, to deities as part of the cult, and the practice of libation was widespread in temple ritual.
When we refer to ‘they made a libation of water’, a libation is simply pouring a drink offering.