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liana / лиана
имя существительное
имя существительное
a woody climbing plant that hangs from trees, especially in tropical rain forests.
Finally, this work represents part of a long-term research effort in which mechanical architectures are being investigated in terms of the evolution of architectures of trees, shrubs, lianas and procumbent growth forms.
A liana climbs its host tree, called a trellis, by laying down a network of tendrils, spikes, and hooks.
There they climb into a series of wooden constructions three metres high, made with tree trunks lashed together with lianas like tree houses perched above the flood.
In reviewing the features of the leaves of the lianes it is seen that there are many characters common to them all.
However, the sapwood of these Actinidia species, as with other lianas , is highly porous with large diameter vessels.
The going was tough with tangled lianas and stubborn brambles clutching at my clothes.
We spent the next day at another part of the concession, where the path was overgrown and the machete rang like a bell against the lianas .
The leaves of the understory shrubs, lianas , and sapling trees bear the unmistakable signs of damage by hungry insects.
Only 5% of the woods were identified as lianas , whereas 43% of the fruits and seeds have been.
The results show no evidence of a bimodal distribution of vessel lengths as observed for lianas and several other species.
Once exposed to full sunlight at the top of the canopy, lianas often flower and fruit prolifically.