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liaison / связь, связь взаимодействия, любовная связь
имя существительное
relations, bonds, binding, communication, connection, liaison
связь взаимодействия
любовная связь
liaison, amour
имя существительное
communication or cooperation that facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations.
the head porter works in close liaison with the reception office
the binding or thickening agent of a sauce, often based on egg yolks.
A liaison of egg yolk and/or a little cream can be added at the end to enrich it and make it even more velvety.
(in French and other languages) the sounding of a consonant that is normally silent at the end of a word because the next word begins with a vowel.
Perhaps, in the final analysis, French liaison and linking in English may not be so different after all.
It is also our intention to work in closer liaison with the fans and the local authority.
For most modern readers, the idea that Isabel is intending an eventual extra-marital liaison is grotesque.
Saunas, white-water rafting and a very close liaison with the local military combined to make this a most successful visit.
she abandoned her loyalty to her absent husband in favour of a sexual liaison with William
There has been a great deal of liaison with the local community and with the peaceful groups who wanted to demonstrate.
The university is in close liaison with the police and a formal complaint has been laid with the Commercial Investigation Branch.
There is also close liaison with the school's reception class.
We think that educational sessions for small groups of family doctors and close liaison with psychiatric colleagues can greatly improve the recognition of depression and the care of people with depression.
he's our liaison with a number of interested parties
The Department of Agriculture will continue to maintain close liaison with the Northern Ireland authorities.