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liable / подлежащий, ответственный, подверженный
имя прилагательное
subject, liable
responsible, accountable, liable, answerable, chargeable, amenable
subject, subject to, liable, amenable, apt
имя прилагательное
responsible by law; legally answerable.
the supplier of goods or services can become liable for breach of contract in a variety of ways
likely to do or to be something.
patients were liable to faint if they stood up too suddenly
Both defendants are joint and severally liable for the plaintiff's loss.
With respect to the windows, the doctor conceded that the plaintiffs were not holding the defendant company liable for the design of the windows.
The general rule in tort is that an employer is not liable for the acts of an independent contractor.
The judge then considered the possibility of the defendants being vicariously liable for negligence of their social workers.
Might the host ever be legally liable for that injury?
The trial judge held the defendants liable for failing to close down that part of the factory.
The employers were not vicariously liable for his negligence.
The valuer is not liable unless he is negligent.
If an infringement occurs, everyone in the chain of sale is separately and jointly liable .
Where the plaintiff could reasonably avoid losses, the defendant is not liable for those losses.