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lexis / лексика, лексикон
имя существительное
vocabulary, lexis
lexicon, vocabulary, lexis
имя существительное
the total stock of words in a language.
a notable loss of English lexis
According to Mr. Schaik, the influence of the Dutch was there in the Indian and Sri Lankan languages which had absorbed a few Dutch words in their lexis .
Because the word ‘globalization’ wasn't part of the general lexis back then, the snoring bankers weren't troubled by dark daydreams filled with hungry competitors from a flattening world preparing to eat their splendid lunch.
a notable loss of English lexis
Each major area is enclosed by a large number of isoglosses representing differences in lexis , grammar, and phonology.
the distinction between grammar and lexis
This grammar is the first pedagogic grammar to integrate syntax and lexis using corpus data.