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lexicon / лексикон, словарь
имя существительное
lexicon, vocabulary, lexis
dictionary, vocabulary, glossary, lexicon, thesaurus, wordbook
имя существительное
the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge.
the size of the English lexicon
Calling Potter a writer undermines a great deal of the depth and dynamics he brought to the lexicon of language.
The first route involves direct connections between a written word and its location in the orthographic lexicon .
This theory represents a written word in the mental lexicon as a network of semantic, orthographic, and phonological features.
Respondents in both groups typically viewed their personal lexicon as containing less than 40,000 words, and the size of their active vocabulary as no more than 20,000 words.
In addition the German missionaries also produced Tulu lexicon and Tulu-English dictionary.
These iconographies dictate the semantics of his copper extracts and moderate to become the lexicon of his visual language.
His living lexicon of the English language, coupled with his incredible intellect, made life electric for those around him.
the size of the English lexicon
The celebrated Brown, Driver and Briggs Hebrew lexicon presents the two roots as follows.
I'm learning a whole new vocabulary, a secret lexicon known only to amputees and prosthetists.