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levitate / поднимать, парить, подниматься в воздух
lift, raise, up, pick up, put up, levitate
soar, float, steam, hover over, hover about, levitate
подниматься в воздух
rise or cause to rise and hover in the air, especially by means of supernatural or magical power.
he seems to levitate about three inches off the ground
For over 30 years the Wizard has been promising to levitate and fly away.
By some unseen force, he began to levitate into the air.
They didn't make me levitate or anything like that.
When using jet-propulsion, a frogfish appears to levitate and drift along using its fins as stabilizers.
You must have seen illusion shows with magicians making people levitate .
You're not going to levitate or come out singing the way I do.
I make upward motion with my hands and our guest begins to levitate a mere 2 inches off the ground.
he seems to levitate about three inches off the ground
What else is summer good for but using all of one's magical powers to levitate out of the city for as long as the sober judges of one's conscience will allow?
The protracted climax, to a faint wash of sound, is a tableau in which the motionless dancers slowly levitate .