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leverage / система рычагов, действие рычага, рычажная передача
имя существительное
система рычагов
действие рычага
рычажная передача
имя существительное
the exertion of force by means of a lever or an object used in the manner of a lever.
my spade hit something solid that wouldn't respond to leverage
the ratio of a company's loan capital (debt) to the value of its common stock (equity).
use borrowed capital for (an investment), expecting the profits made to be greater than the interest payable.
a leveraged takeover bid
use (something) to maximum advantage.
the organization needs to leverage its key resources
If you use longer crankarms than recommended, you'll gain leverage for pushing big gears but lose some pedaling speed.
the right wing had lost much of its political leverage in the Assembly
Application aware systems that leverage technologies such as fabric virtualization will change all that.
I raised my foot flat against the door to gain some leverage and tugged as hard as I could.
They are used by minorities to block legislation and to gain bargaining leverage with majorities.
the organization needs to leverage its key resources
Even events of the most serious nature get overshadowed by the political squabbles that will result as both sides attempt to leverage the issue to their advantage.
use a metal bar to increase the leverage
A number of agreements are being signed by various organisations to leverage the advantages of working together.
One of the primary reasons organizations fail to leverage their existing data and business systems when they move to the Web is they feel it will take too much time.