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lever / рычаг, рукоятка, средство воздействия
имя существительное
lever, arm, rod, cradle, pry, jack
lever, handle, grip, arm, hilt, handgrip
средство воздействия
поднимать рычагом
lever, lever up, lever along, purchase
передвигать рычагом
lever, lever up, lever along
имя существительное
a rigid bar resting on a pivot, used to help move a heavy or firmly fixed load with one end when pressure is applied to the other.
In Book II Heron discusses lifting heavy objects with a lever , a pulley, a wedge, or a screw.
lift or move with a lever.
she levered the lid off the pot with a screwdriver
She called the police, woke her husband and the couple then watched as Townsend tried to lever open the door.
Finally, return to the original side and latch down the locking lever .
Ben pulled the gear lever down and sat back to enjoy the rest of the landing.
I brought the engine back to life and pulled the control lever back.
First of all, the most powerful lever for change has to do with the quality of the teacher.
As Alex regained consciousness, she pulled the lever on the door handle.
I panicked, something I rarely do, and pressed the throttle lever .
My fingers found a small lever on the side and pushed it.
As he issued the words his hand came down and pushed the throttle lever forward.
The puncture took somewhat longer to repair as I couldn't find my pump, puncture repair kit or those little plastic bits you need to lever the tyre off.