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leveller / уравнитель, нивелировщик, левеллер
имя существительное
leveler, balancer, leveller
leveler, leveller
leveler, leveller
имя существительное
a person who advocates the abolition of social distinctions.
a person or thing that levels something.
he valued the sport because it was a great leveller
He relates himself to Milton and the puritan revolution, and the Levellers , and Thomas Paine.
The Levellers , the strongest of the radical groups, demanded an end to King, Lords and Commons, and rule by Parliament.
The Levellers broke down organs in churches during the English 17th-century Civil War.
Benn goes on to say that the founders of the socialist tradition in England were the radical Christian dissenters of the English Revolution (the Levelers and Diggers) who resisted the privatization of communally owned village land.
They elected ‘agitators’ to express their views and radical groups like the Levellers gained huge support within the army.
These uprisings were ruthlessly suppressed, as were the Levellers in England after the Civil War.
When one considers the legitimacy of Parliament, it's ironic that it has largely come about through extra-parliamentary action: the Levellers , the Chartists, the suffragettes, etc.
By December 1648 the Levellers dominated London, keeping the more moderate members away by force and threat of force.
The Levellers developed from a demand for individual freedom of conscience, to demand a comparable political liberty for the individual.