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level / уровень, ступень, этаж
имя существительное
level, layer, degree, grade, plane, scale
stage, step, level, degree, stair, scale
floor, storey, story, level, stage, pair of stairs
level, grade
align, level, level off, flatten, equalize, flatten out
имя прилагательное
smooth, flat, level, even, straight, steady
horizontal, level, landscape, lateral, aclinic, point-blank
uniform, even, steady, equable, level
smooth, exactly, flat, level, even, smoothly
имя прилагательное
having a flat and even surface without slopes or bumps.
we had reached level ground
calm and steady.
“Adrian,” she said in her most level voice
имя существительное
a position on a real or imaginary scale of amount, quantity, extent, or quality.
a high level of unemployment
a height or distance from the ground or another stated or understood base.
storms caused river levels to rise
a device consisting of a sealed glass tube partially filled with alcohol or other liquid, containing an air bubble whose position reveals whether a surface is perfectly level or plumb.
I even used a level to measure properly!
a flat tract of land.
flooded levels
give a flat and even surface to.
contractors started leveling the ground for the new power station
begin to fly horizontally after climbing or diving.
Relieved, I leveled off and once again began dealing with those knotty little details like useless gauges - both my airspeed and my fuel gauge read zero.
aim (a weapon).
he leveled a long-barreled pistol at us
be frank or honest with (someone).
when are you going to level with me?
The kitchen has a range of eye and floor level units and is plumbed for a dishwasher and washing machine.
I even used a level to measure properly!
The grain purchase programs determined at the national level were difficult to implement locally.
at secondary level
Bringing his eyes level with Luke, Adam surveyed him calmly.
Add a level tablespoon of dried mint to the soup when you reheat it.
Clare scored a goal to level the match
Many a girl drops out even at the primary level because of social compulsions.
She gave him a level gaze, which drew his attention away from the air lane briefly.
I quickened my pace so that I was level with her.