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levee / дамба, насыпь, гать
имя существительное
dam, causeway, dike, dyke, levee, seawall
mound, embankment, bank, fill, terrace, levee
causeway, dike, levee, lock, causey, dam
reception, acceptance, method, appointment, device, levee
береговой намывной вал реки
воздвигать дамбы
имя существительное
an embankment built to prevent the overflow of a river.
Construction of levees and embankments prevents the floodplain from performing this function and transfers the problem further downstream to areas which were not subject to flooding.
a reception or assembly of people, in particular.
An hour and 45 minutes into the mayor's levee , the queue is still over an hour long.
An hour and 45 minutes into the mayor's levee , the queue is still over an hour long.
the great stop on the Washington social circuit was the diplomat's levee
High water can cover all these subtle topographies, but a swamp veteran like Charlie, or any local crawfisherman, will know when he's passing over a drowned waterway, or crossing a natural levee .
Transects were separated by 50 paces and most transects extended entirely over the attenuated crown of the natural levee of each forest avoiding any noticeable elevation gradient.
They were watching the TV news as the canal levee was breached again, flooding their neighbourhood anew.
Water flowing from the damaged levee near Lake Pontchartrain could have equally catastrophic effects, only unfolding more slowly.
A lot of folks are working hard to repair that levee .
Pumps would fail if the storm surge of up to 25 feet overwhelmed the city's levees .
Damaged levees have been repaired, and pumping of the remaining water continues.
Sediment escaping from the channel during overbank flooding builds levees bordering the channel, and sheets of sand spread from the channels as crevasse splays.