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lettuce / салат-латук
имя существительное
имя существительное
a cultivated plant of the daisy family, with edible leaves that are a usual ingredient of salads. Many varieties of lettuce have been developed with a range of form, texture, and color.
Verlaine's chine was stuffed with leeks, spring onions, lettuce , raspberry leaves, parsley, thyme and marjoram.
paper money; greenbacks.
It takes a lot of lettuce to pay today's players.
In the vegetable garden early planting of lettuce , peas, radishes, carrots, parsley, onions and potatoes are equally important.
Add the lettuce and watercress and purée until smooth, about one minute.
In a small bowl, combine the lettuce , Upland Cress, balsamic vinegar, and grapeseed oil and toss to coat.
Snap beans, turnips, leaf lettuce and spinach are also good candidates for fall harvest.
In the vegetable garden, carrots, spring onions, lettuce , spinach and radishes can all be planted.
I said that because of the condiments: the mustard and mayo, the lettuce , tomato and onion.
I make salad with avocados, tomato, lettuce and spring onions, with an olive oil and red wine dressing.
In my family, when the lettuce is all gone, basil's not just an herb, it becomes our main leafy green.
I particularly liked the leaves of baby jem lettuce , the oven-roasted tomatoes and the black and green olives.
The salad garden grows colorful lettuce , basil, tarragon and trellised peas.