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lettering / надпись, тиснение, написание буквами
имя существительное
inscription, lettering, legend, title, superscription, scripture
lettering, impression
написание буквами
имя существительное
the letters inscribed on something, especially decorative ones.
His scientific instruments are characterised by their stylish lettering and decoration.
inscribe letters or writing on.
her name was lettered in gold
be given a school or college initial as a mark of proficiency in sports.
juniors who lettered in soccer, basketball, or softball
It was silver with a gold border and black lettering .
It's printed in a really charming block letter font, as if it were done by hand, with different little flowers amidst the lettering .
He uncrossed his arms, showing the lettering on his white shirt.
The script is extremely fine, with the black lettering edged in gold.
He stopped occasionally and stared at the bold red lettering over the navy blue background.
The books she had bought on the subject hadn't helped her much at all, regardless of what the gold stars and bright lettering on their covers had promised.
On the driver's side panel, the Crencent's logo was clearly visible and the the name of the car was spread out nicely across the hood in midnight blue lettering .
the book was bound in dark blue with gold lettering
Silently, I read the curvy lettering along the paper.
The other he held, fingering the lettering on its cover as he whispered.