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letterhead / печатный бланк, бланк фирмы, шапка на фирменном бланке
имя существительное
печатный бланк
бланк фирмы
шапка на фирменном бланке
имя существительное
a printed heading on stationery stating a person's or organization's name and address.
Project topics included in the book are designing video and CD covers, scanning techniques for print and the web, blending photos, creating letterheads , and reducing file sizes.
It should be on company letterhead , cleanly printed and inviting to read.
It seems odd that the memos were simply typed on blank sheets of paper instead of some kind of letterhead .
Because the responses will be made public, we would appreciate resulting actual documents on appropriate letterhead .
Bolen said PepsiCo knew nothing of the scheme, and that documents written on PepsiCo letterhead were fabrications.
The caller has him bring some letterhead with him on some excuse.
It was typed up neatly on a standard piece of office paper bearing the official watermark and letterhead of the City Park Service.
Your letterhead , stationary, business cards and Web site must be first-rate.
write to the company's registered office, which you can normally get from their letterhead
It has neither an official signature nor letterhead of the armed forces.
I'm far more moved by one personal, persuasive testimonial than dozens of press releases on acronym-laden letterhead .