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lethal / смертельный, смертоносный, фатальный
имя прилагательное
fatal, death, deadly, lethal, mortal, deathly
deadly, lethal, murderous, killing, homicidal, pestilent
fatal, lethal, weird, mortal
имя прилагательное
sufficient to cause death.
a lethal cocktail of alcohol and pills
Grey squirrels have out-competed reds for food and also carry squirrel-pox virus which is lethal to the native animals.
A deadly bird flu, lethal to some animals, is spreading towards Britain.
Entire governments, never mind single ministers, have been toppled by that lethal combination.
Such a hostile chemical environment would likely prove lethal to all known microbes.
The gas acts like mustard gas, and can prove lethal to those with respiratory problems.
It's not just inactivity that makes excess TV-watching lethal to your waistline.
All four incidents involving the potentially lethal weapon happened within the space of an hour in Grimsby.
Every car is a potentially lethal weapon of mass destruction.
The lethal combination of peak hour traffic and rain had resulted in chaos on the roads.
In sufficient quantities its spores can be lethal to humans.