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lesser-known / малоизвестных
имя прилагательное
not as well or widely known as others of the same kind.
Well, beyond all the big names in the California recall race, there are scores of lesser-known candidates.
The list is attractive and provides some lesser-known selections.
Despite having moved here about a year and a half ago, MacDonald is the lesser-known quantity in our fair city, but the buzz is good.
In fact it was amusing to see some of the lesser-known players almost embarrassed by the attention they were getting.
It's also listed as one of the many lesser-known ingredients in cigarettes.
However, lesser-known or recognized are his contributions to photographic criticism.
The programmes served as an eye-opener for many on the lesser-known aspects of the State's history and heritage.
We entered through one of the lesser-known side entrances and breezed right in.
I found that some of the lesser-known voices resonated most with me.
What has happened to the traditional programme of well-known carols, interspersed with a few lesser-known ones?
The big names are there, of course, but what are interesting are the notes on the lesser-known artistes.